How To Avoid The #1 Failure Disease In Business- Part 1

EXCUSITIS- The Failure Disease

failure diseaseI want to talk about a failure disease that can creep into your business and knock you out of the game or a mental disease that can keep you from being successful in your home business or in life in general.  As you study people, you will discover unsuccessful people suffer a mind-deadening failure disease.  We call this disease EXCUSITIS.

We talk a lot about the 95%/ 5%.  Every excuse has this failure disease in its advanced form.  And most “average” people have at least a mild case of it.  You will find out that the very top Leaders in this industry who go to the very top or most successful individuals, the 5%’s are less inclined to make excuses and have excusitis-the failure disease.  But the people who go nowhere and have no plans for getting anywhere always have a book full of reasons to explain why.  People with mediocre accomplishments are quick to explain why they haven’t, why they don’t, why they can’t and why they aren’t.  They fuel their mediocre accomplishments with the failure disease.

failure diseaseYou’ll find out that the very top leaders in our business could make the same excuses as someone who doesn’t build the biggest of business, however, they don’t make those excuses.  Top Leaders know making excuses will grow the failure disease.  The thing about EXCUSITIS- the failure disease is that there are a lot of people that use their health, or they’ll use their age, they might use their children, their busy schedules, their upbringing to try to validate why they are not succeeding.  Like any disease, EXCUSITIS gets worse if it isn’t treated properly.  A victim of this thought failure disease goes through this mental process: I’m too young or I’m too old to build this business, I’ve got health issues that make me tired, I’m not as good as a presenter as they are, I don’t have a huge warm market, it’s the way that I was raised.   And once this person finds what he or she thinks is a “good excuse”, it becomes imbedded deeper within their subconsciousness and the failure disease grows.  Thoughts, positive or negative, grow stronger when focused upon.  At first, the person knows their alibi is more or less a lie.  But the more frequently they repeat it, the more convinced they become that it is completely true, that the alibi is the real reason for them not having a business that they could have.  So what you have to do to build the biggest of businesses is this, program your thinking like what a Top Leader would do and vaccinate yourself against EXCUSITIS- the failure disease.

I want to share with you the most common forms of the EXCUSITIS-the failure disease that you will face as a Leader, but also some of you reading this might be using some of these excuses today instead of going out there and building a massive home based business.

The Five Failure Disease Excuses

  • Failure Disease #1- Health
  • Failure Disease #2- Intelligence
  • Failure Disease #3- Age
  • Failure Disease #4- Time
  • Failure Disease #5- Geographic

Health Excusitis- this can go all the way from Chronic “I don’t feel good” to the more specific “I’ve got such and such wrong with me.” In my primary business we have a HUGE Deaf Team.  It would be easy for us to promote their inability to hear.  They do not let their ability not to hear stop them from building a home business and they do not feed the failure disease Health Excusitis!

This excuse is an easy one to use, because most people will agree with that person with their health issue and feed this failure disease even more.  Especially if you are in a Health & Wellness company.  It’s easy to use health as an excuse of why you can’t build a business.  However, I want you to think about people that you know that have had health issues that have risen to the top. They didn’t let this excuse stop them or feed this failure disease.  America has had presidents like Roosevelt who could have used his lifeless legs as an excuse, or how about Lance Armstrong with cancer who eventually won more Tour De Frances than anyone else.

failure diseaseFinally, how about someone like Nick Vujicic who doesn’t even have any arms or legs.  Look up Nick Vujicic on You Tube or Facebook and look at his testimony.  He has no arms or legs.  Do you think he suffers from failure disease #1?  This just shows you that whatever ailments or handicaps you might have, someone else might have it worse.  If you have a health issue or handicap, don’t focus on it. Looking for or focusing on an illness or handicap can actually make it worse.  There’s a book out called “How to live 365 Days A Year” by Dr. Schindler.  He states that 3 out of 4 hospital beds are occupied with people that have EII or Emotionally Induced Illness.  That’s right, they got ill from not being able to handle their emotions. They let this failure disease get the best of them.

I would encourage you to have a philosophy of “I resolve to live until I die.”  I love hearing people’s stories, when they have to stay in bed after a surgery or something and they are still making calls for their business, or people that are getting ready to have surgery and they give their business cards to the nurses and doctors. This is the kind of attitude towards your health that you need.  It’s just like Nick Vujicic, the right attitude even with no arms and legs can beat the wrong attitude with two arms and two legs every time.  Dont’ let this failure disease get you!

4 Things You Can Do To Beat Failure Disease #1-Health Excusitis

  1. Refuse to talk about your health.  The more you talk about an ailment or handicap, the worse it seems to get.  It’s like putting fertilizer on weeds.  Success-minded people defeat the natural tendency to talk about their “bad” health.  Most of us don’t even like being around people that are always talking about or complaining about their bad health.  So refuse to talk about your health.
  2. Refuse to worry about your health.  This will just make your situation get worse.  Live life, don’t worry!
  3. Be grateful that your health is as good as it is.  This is a powerful vaccination against developing new aches, pains and real illness
  4. Remember this, “It’s better to wear out than to rust out!”  Life is yours to enjoy.  Don’t waste it.  Don’t pass up living by thinking yourself into a hospital bed.


This is the first post of a three part series where I’ll go in depth on each of the Excusitis-Failure Disease excuses.  Make sure to find the other two posts.  Don’t let Excusitis-the failure disease keep you from living an abundant life!

Jimmy Ezzell
Skype: lmg2020

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