How to become a SYSTEM Millionaire

3 Components Of A Great SYSTEM

Follow a SYSTEM to Success

I want to share my experience early on in my Network Marketing career.  When I was just getting going and starting to see some success,  I realized that there was a major problem in my business model.  Now, I hadn’t built a successful network marketing business before.  However, I had climbed the ranks of the corporate ladder and ran some big sales regions and divisions.  And I knew business in general. I knew something was missing in our retention rate. There were a lot of people coming in and a lot of people dropping out.

So, I got with several Leaders and we started working on a system.  We wanted to create a culture and a system to help people truly succeed in their home based business.  SYSTEM stands for Save Yourself Stress Time  Energy and Money.  Fast forward to today and we have created a system that we have duplicated 3 times in my career that has led us to the top ranks and income earners in each of the companies I’ve been with.  Make sure that from Day 1, when people get enrolled into your team that they follow a system so they know EXACTLY what to do to start generating income.  It needs to be Step by Step so they have a very clear blueprint to follow.

3 Components of a Great SYSTEM

1.Sponsoring- Get Them In

Every great system should have several different sponsoring opportunities.  This is the easiest part of the system.  There should be plenty of webinars/ webcasts, home parties, weekly events, marketing materials like journals, DVDs, etc.  Make sure that your new Business Partners know about the “Menu of Venues” so that they can share the opportunity and products/services with their prospects.  If you are working your business properly you should have a good idea of how many people are actually “showing the plan/program” every day through your Sponsoring part of your system.

2.Training- Keep Them In

The last two parts of a good system are the ones where most people fail.  It’s easy for them to get people sponsored into their business, but few people can train their organization and even fewer can help move people along (the third part of a good system).  The Training part of the system includes your weekly team “glue calls”.  This is a call usually just for a particular team within the company.  Our organization LMG 2020 has been doing a call/broadcast for over 5 years.  This is great time for everyone in the team to get “fed”.  We don’t schedule any sponsoring activities during this time. You should be part of one of these calls every week because they will help keep you in the know with what is happening with your Success Team.  Any major announcements, promotions, rank advancements, training, etc. that are just for your team.  There should also be Getting Started/ Fast Start calls, events, training webinars that new Associates can plug into as well.  Also, Super Saturdays are great venues for training as well.  All these different venues will help keep people in your business.  A good gauge of future retention is to ask yourself how many people are attending our training calls, webinars and events?  Creating a culture where people feel like and know the business is bigger than them and that they are getting properly trained will help keep your retention levels high.

3.Leadership Development- Move Them Along

This part of the system is important if you want to see your organization explode.  Very few teams have mastered this one.  This is the part where you will take individuals and develop them into SUPERSTARS.  This is when you introduce people to advance training.  This can be done at National Conventions, Leadership Retreats, One on One Coaching and Books, Audios, and Videos that will grow them even faster as a Leader.  As your organization grows, it’s important that you have a system to help develop leaders to their full potential.  You do not want the Law of the Lid to ever affect your organization.  That is why I personally spend so much time in personal development and being mentored by 3 individuals who earn Millions every year in our industry.  I want to continue to grow so that I can continue to lead as our organization grows even bigger.  In our system one of the things we have is an iPod program with over 68 GB of Personal Development worth over $70,000 that we share with our team.  The iPod program has people like John Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, audio books like Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and other successful Network Marketing Leaders trainings as well.  This program is great because it gives people the opportunity to learn the philosophies and principles of successful people.  Because you can’t always be with your team this will help innoculate them from the negative thinking of the world.  So you might be asking yourself, what is Project 200?  It’s our system to develop 200 Leaders and generate $54 Million in commissions throughout our organization in the next few years.  Send me a message and I’ll give you the details.  Make sure that in your system that you have book, audio and video programs, one on one mentoring, and Leadership Retreats where people can get in depth trainings and mentoring to help people in your team grow into SUPERSTAR LEADERS.


I spend more time promoting other Leaders in our organization and the system than I do myself.  You want people to duplicate the system not you.  You want people to be system dependent not you dependent.  The teams that really understand that a great system is key to long term success and duplication are the ones who master it and teach it every day.  Because you can’t be every where helping everyone, you have to have a good system in place so people will know what to do even if they are thousands of miles away in other countries or are thousands of levels deep in your organization.  Master promoting and developing great systems and you can become a SYSTEM Millionaire in our industry!

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