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The Power of the Dream- What’s Holding You Back?

The Power of the Dream Lives I recently had the opportunity to spend time with Daniel Pendley. Daniel is the author of the book The Power of the Dream.  He has helped so many Business Professionals in Real Estate, Corporate America and in the Direct Selling industry have major breakthroughs in achieving greater results.  In […]

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How To Avoid The Pain Of Regret

The Pain of Regret Is More Costly Than You Know Quitting is a regret that can haunt you for many years! I wanted to give you some inspiration about NOT quitting and the regret that can come with quitting.  It’s so much easier to quit sometimes than it is to stay in the battle and […]

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How Big Are Your Dreams?

Have you put your Dreams on hold? Decide today that you are going to chase after your Dreams It’s very interesting that when we were young kids we all had big Dreams.  Some of us wanted to be Movie Stars, Firefighters, Astronauts, Professional Football or Baseball Players.  But, somewhere along our journey many of us […]

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