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Pyramid Schemes

Are you involved in one of those Pyramid Schemes?

Pyramid Schemes or a legitimate business? If you don’t know by now by following my blog or my personal story. I’ve been involved in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales industry for over 8 years now. I’ve made a full time living in it since I retired from Corporate America at age 33.  Whether you’ve been in […]

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How To Find Prospects When You Start A Home Based Business- 9 Sources

Finding Prospects For Your Home Based Business Sources For Prospects When I first started in my home based business the first thing I was told to do was make a list of prospects.  Frankly, it was very easy to make the list and start exposing people to my opportunity.  Over the years my list of […]

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Only 2 Things You Can Control In Your Home Based Business

There are ONLY 2 things you can control in your Home Based Business When you are building a home based business, there are really ONLY 2 things you can control.  Most people when they start their home based business think they can rely on others for their success.  There is no doubt that if you […]

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A Different Crowd- Who you spend time with MATTERS!

A Different Crowd Who you spend time with MATTERS in your Global Business! 7 Traits I’ve discovered Successful People Have in their Global Business! 1) Possibility Thinkers- Philosophy/ Attitude 2) Libraries- Audio & Reading 3) Positive Energy 4) Posture 5) Perseverance 6) No Matter What It Takes 7) Definiteness of Purpose Jimmy Ezzell Skype: lmg2020 […]

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Do you have the GUTS to start a Global Business from home?

Starting a Global Business from Home 10 Questions to Ponder Before Starting Your Global Business Tired of your job?  Need a change?  Looking to create another source of income?  Are you ready to set up a global home business? Before going any further, answer these 10 questions thoughtfully. Your answers will prove vital in determining […]

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How To Avoid The #1 Failure Disease In Business- Part 2

EXCUSITIS- The Failure Disease Failure Disease #2- Intelligence Excusitis If you find this post and haven’t read Part 1, make sure you do. This failure disease– Intelligence Excusitis is one that many people actually keep to themselves.  People don’t want to admit that they feel like “they lack brains” or they might not have the […]

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How To Avoid The #1 Failure Disease In Business- Part 1

EXCUSITIS- The Failure Disease I want to talk about a failure disease that can creep into your business and knock you out of the game or a mental disease that can keep you from being successful in your home business or in life in general.  As you study people, you will discover unsuccessful people suffer […]

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Who Do You Know In The Ukraine? Talk Fusion Leaders Coming Soon!

Talk Fusion Ukraine- Are you READY? Talk Fusion Ukraine in MOMENTUM! Have you ever wondered if you were in the right place at the right time with the right opportunity?  Today you have found it! Talk Fusion Ukraine is there.  People with many different backgrounds are achieving levels of success that they have never achieved […]

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Top Direct Selling Companies, Best Network Marketing Companies

What are the Top 20 Direct Selling Companies for 2012?

What are the Top Network Marketing Companies for 2012? Where can you make money fast?, the leading authority for MLM and Network Marketing Companies Worldwide made a short list of the top Network Marketing Companies for 2012, based on the Top Earner rankings, Leadership, Momentum, Growth, Revenue, Conventions, Alexa Ratings, International Presence, Facebook presence, and Interviews […]

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Is Talk Fusion the Best Global Business?

Talk Fusion Global Business is Available in 200 Countries 8 Languages Is Talk Fusion the Best Global Business? Have you ever thought about having a Global Business?  A business that would generate profits from all around the world.  One with no boundaries, territories or limitations.  Talk Fusion, headquartered in Tampa, FL is available in over […]

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