Did You Find The Right Mentor? Now What?

Want to shorten your learning curve?  Find a Mentor!

What to do after you pick a Mentor?

MentorOne of the fastest routes to success in anything you do is to find a Mentor.  A mentor can help shorten your learning curve dramatically because they’ve experienced or have the knowledge to get you to where you want to go in a shorter amount of time.

First, are you ready to be in a Mentor relationship?

1) Are you coachable, teachable and trainable?  If you have a chip on your shoulder and are not open to receiving mentoring than you should not even get started in a mentoring relationship.  You have to be open to receiving the mentoring.  Seems elementary, but I’ve seen it many times in our industry where someone thought they already knew it all.

2) Leave your ego and pride behind until you have achieved the level of success that you are looking for.  Don’t let your ego and pride get in the way of your success.

3) Will you listen and more importantly, will you take ACTION on the mindset, skills and activity that you are taught?

Things to consider when picking your Mentors for your home based business.

1) They have a proven track record of success.  Have they been able to produce results themselves? Have they been able to prove over and over again that they can teach other?

Mentor2) They are active.  There are a lot of great mentors of the “past” but this won’t help you out if you are building your business now.  You want someone who is still actively building their home based business.

3) They are accessible.  This is important because there are times when you need third party validation and credibility.  An accessible mentor can help with that.

4) Will they hold you accountable?  For you to grow and be successful, it’s important that you have a Mentor that will hold you accountable to the activity that you need to do.  They should push you and challenge you to beat your own best potential!

In your journey you will have many different mentors.  Some silent mentors, meaning that you will learn from them in the books that you read, audios that you listen to, videos that you watch or events that you attend. Then you will have those mentors that are there in the trenches with you every day.  If you can find those mentors, seek them out because those are the ones that can get you to your goals the fastest!


Lastly, I polled some my Facebook friends and here are a few words they gave when I asked  them about the word Mentor: Integrity, Challenging, Astute, Trustworthy, Encouraging, Ethical, Upright, Fearless, Patience, Multi-Tasking, Self-Possessed, Fatherly, Loving, Kind, Non-judgemental, Priceless, Ready, Thoughtful, Married, Perspective, Experienced, Intelligent, Motivating, Available, Inspiring, Inspired, Fascinating, Ethical, Relentless, Committed, Example and from one of our Military friends; L.D.R.S.H.I.P- Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.  Find someone that has all of those or a majority of those traits and you will have a great Mentor!

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