Getting Fired or Entrepreneur Success – You Choose

Choose to be an Entrepreneur Success Story instead of Getting Fired

Entrepreneur Success

Is there an Entrepreneur in you?

Someone got fired today at a salon that I get my haircut. It brought back some bad feelings of when I used to be in Corporate America and had to let people go or fire them and another reason why I love Network Marketing.  In Network Marketing I don’t have to fire people, just inspire and give them hope of a better future for themselves. When you are the Business Owner or in Management and you have to let someone go, you feel like you are doing what’s, hopefully, in the best interest of the company. Well, when you are looking to be an Entrepreneur Success, there are many things that you need to be doing so you don’t have to FIRE yourself.

2 (of many) Things that you need to be an Entrepreneur Success in Network Marketing

Entrepreneur Success

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1) Be Consistent.  This can be so hard for someone just getting started in Network Marketing.  Entrepreneur Success can be so mundane. The same thing over and over and over again…but it’s part of why eventually you’ll be successful. Being consistent in your activity, your growth, marketing, communication, lead generation, follow up, working on your skills, mastering your company’s system, etc. compounded over time creates AMAZING results! You wake up one day and you are like “WOW”, I did it! But you had a consistent plan of activity, marketing strategy, etc and it wasn’t by accident that you became a success. When you achieve it, you should know how you got there because you were consistent with doing the right things over and over again.

2) Manage Your Expectations. If you’ve ever been pitched that “Oh, just get in. I’ll do all the work.” or “We have already made downlines” or “It’s like an ATM, Money Machine”, blah, blah, blah….YUCK! So many people think that Network Marketing doesn’t take work, sacrifice, desire, determination, discipline and a few other key abilities and characteristics to make it to the top.  This is the farthest from the truth. Do you know how many times I wanted to quit and do something else, possibly even go get a job? Many, many times in the beginning! However, I wouldn’t trade being in the industry of Network Marketing for anything today to know that I still get to choose what I want to do, with whom I do it with and where ever I want to do it. It’s called FREEDOM. Understand that some people get to the top faster than others.  Some people have better people skills, communication skills, or business skills when they join and so they should go faster. But also understand this, Network Marketing doesn’t know what you have done in the past. It doesn’t care if you’ve failed before or had huge success in another industry. The computers that pay out Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in commissions to people in our industry only know one thing: the more business you and your organization do, the higher the commissions and eventually profits you will earn. If you want to create an Entrepreneur Success story know that it takes time, there is a learning curve…but if you stay the course you CAN get there!

Check out my video on why you want to be an Entrepreneur Success story in Network Marketing


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