Forget To Do This Before 2012 and You Will Be Left Behind!

Not doing this ONE thing will kill your Home Based Business!

4 Things You Should Be Doing This Week

Can you believe that 2012 is almost here?  We’re just a few days away from another New Year.  This is a great week to enjoy some time with your family and friends, get some rest, recharge your batteries, start on a book or most importantly set some goals and PLAN for 2012.  Not having a PLAN for 2012 will kill your home based business and most definitely leave you behind the rest of us that already have.  STOP!  Do not start the New Year without a plan for your home based business.  This is very foolish and could cost you time, energy, effort and money.  None of us like to waste time, energy, effort and money so slow down this week and have a PLAN for your business going into 2012.  Here are my last two posts on setting your Success Targets (Goals) for 2012:

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 4 Things you should be doing this week:

1) Reflect

Take the time to reflect on the things that you did well this year, the things you accomplished.  Write these down.  But also, write down the things that you didn’t do well.  What needs to be improved on?  Did you work on your strengths or waste time on your weaknesses?  This is another article and video later in the week. Who do  you need to “Thank” for helping you succeed in the areas that you did grow?  Reflect on the past, then move forward!

2) Think

Every day you should take the time to just “Think”.  I know this can be hard on some us with our ADHD personalities, but this is very important to your business health and life in general.  Sometimes you have to “Slow Down to Speed Up”.  The beautiful part of “Thinking” is that it can be done anywhere.  In your “Thinking” chair, in the shower, in the car or anywhere.  Just take the time to do it.  Think about the revenue producing activities that you should be doing every day and how to accomplish them.

3) Dream

This is one of my favorite things to do.  Realize this, you don’t get what you want in life, you get what you PICTURE.  You have to picture your success before you even get there.  I love being around BIG DREAMERS  and DOERS!  Dreams inspire us to greatness.  Many people who have left legacies that will forever be remembered were BIG DREAMERS.  It all starts with a dream.  Dream about what the future will look like for you in 2012 and beyond.  Be careful who you share your dreams with because there are a lot of dream stealers in the world.  Share them ONLY with people who have a vested interest in seeing you realize those dreams.

4) PLAN!

Once you have taken some time to reflect, think, and dream now it’s time to PLAN.  Once again, take the time to do this before going into 2012.  You want to have a solid plan on how you are going to achieve the majority of your Success Targets this next year.  Don’t worry if your plan isn’t perfect and you have to make a few changes along the way.  It’s more important to have a plan so you can at least get started in the right direction.  If you didn’t achieve all that you wanted in 2011, then you have to change your plans for 2012.  Don’t bring your 2011 plans into 2012, you need a new plan.

I hope this week that you take the time to do these 4 things- Reflect, Think, Dream and most importantly Plan for the upcoming year.  You will have a lot of fun with the process and insure that your 2012 starts off with a BANG!

Jimmy Ezzell
Skype: jimmyezzell

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Home Based Business Plan

Home Based Business Plan

Home Based Business Plan

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