Is Talk Fusion the Best Global Business?

Global BusinessTalk Fusion Global Business is Available in 200 Countries 8 Languages

Is Talk Fusion the Best Global Business?

Have you ever thought about having a Global Business?  A business that would generate profits from all around the world.  One with no boundaries, territories or limitations.  Talk Fusion, headquartered in Tampa, FL is available in over 200 countries currently, with distributors in over 130 Countries, and expanding rapidly internationally. What that means to you and I is a Global Business Opportunity to market Talk Fusions products around the world.  Talk Fusion recognizes that the Global Business opportunity offers growth potential unlike any other network marketing opportunity simply because the products are a great value for Video Communications that businesses or individuals use everyday. For $35 a month, a Talk Fusion customer has a Video Communication Suite of products like Video Email, Video Conferencing with unlimited participants for Video Webinars, Video Submission software to distribute videos to multiple social media sites, Video Auto-Responders, Email Subscription Forms for Opt-Ins, Unlimited Live Broadcasting for special events and much more. This is a tremendous value since we know how important relationships are to people and in business.

The Talk Fusion Global Business Opportunity has several advantages over other Network Marketing Companies that allow it to be distributed globally.

Top Reasons That Make Talk Fusion So Appealing

Value Talk Fusion offers more value than anyone in the Video Marketplace. Do your homework. Most people pay $300 or more for what TF charges $35 for. For video conferencing alone try to find unlimited participants for $35 a month. Add Video Email Marketing for 1000 Contacts compared to Constant Contact. Throw in the rest of the products, and you will see Talk Fusion is positioned very well in the marketplace. Most MLM’s charge more for their products than retail. Talk Fusion is way below the competition with their pricing on similar products.

Mass Appeal GloballyEveryone can use the service. How many businesses internationally use email marketing? Host Webinars? Think about it…its a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Business.

Low Cost of EntryYou can join Talk Fusion for as low as $125, and no higher than $750 for our Best Package.

No inventory – All the Talk Fusion Products/Services are technology based and the presentations are done through Video Email and Video Webinars.

Global Simple System that duplicates – To Build the Business, ANYONE can send 5 Emails a Day using Videos in your back office, invite people to watch a webinar then follow up with a three way call. That’s the system!

INSTANT PAY! – For the first time in the industry and the only company that I have found, pays within 2 minutes of a Cycling Bonus, Upfront Commissions, and Residual Income. This is an industry game changer. No more waiting on weekly or monthly commissions.

Low Monthly Autoship – The total monthly cost for a distributor is only $35 a month. Anyone can afford $35 a month and also get great business or personal services to use, so the retention for distributors is one of the best in the Network Marketing Industry.

Unique Product – Talk Fusion has created it’s own category with Video Communication Services. Business tools anyone can use, and People “Get It” the Moment they see a Video Email. To Date, only 1 out of 100 People has seen a video email. Similar to saying 1 out of 100 people has been to McDonald’s…it’s early in the game.

Timing – Talk Fusion is in the Video Communication market and by 2014, 90% of all Communication on the Internet will be Video. See Cisco report.


With that said, I wanted to show you the Product Videos from Talk Fusion to give you an idea of how you can build a Global  Business with Talk Fusion. These product videos are translated in 8 languages, and ready to simply attach to your email for your bilingual prospects to view. There is no language barrier with Talk Fusion. Everyone in the world uses email, millions use Video Conferencing Internationally, and millions use Email Auto-responders, and need other tools that Talk Fusion Global provides. Watch the videos below for an example of the product videos you can send to your prospects Globally, and feel free to forward this page to gauge their interest in the services and/or business opportunity. If you’re ready to join Talk Fusion you can sign up HERE. I also have a 4 Step System to Build your Global Talk Fusion Business as well, so feel free to contact me on Skype at jimmyezzell or Visit our webinars to learn more about the Talk Fusion Business Opportunity at 5 times daily, or a recorded version at

Enjoy the videos and contact me with any questions!

Jimmy Ezzell
Skype: jimmyezzell

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Global Business

Global Business

Global Business

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  1. Beau Jones December 15, 2011 at 7:50 am #

    Great Article!

    • jimm6702 December 18, 2011 at 6:50 am #

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope it helps you in your journey. Happy Holidays and wishing you the BEST year ever in 2012! If I can do anything to help you, don’t hesitate to ask. Stay tuned for Project 50,000!

      • Tommy December 22, 2011 at 3:01 am #

        For the love of God, keep witring these articles.

        • jimm6702 December 22, 2011 at 7:23 am #

          Thanks Tommy! Hope you enjoyed it!! Be on the lookout for our Project 50,000 announcement. We’re giving away 50,000 books in 2012!

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      Your answer was just what I nedeed. It’s made my day!

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        Thanks King! I hope it helped…If I can help you in any way don’t hesitate to message me.

  2. Joshua December 15, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    I am getting started with Talk Fusion and it is a game changer. I used to pay a lot more to a lot of different companies for the same marketing material that I can now get all in one place. I LOVE Easy of the simple three step process, NO PBR or tastings, samples or storage of product in the garage. Thanks for the great poast on all Talk Fusion has to offer.

    • Jetsyn December 22, 2011 at 7:08 am #

      We denfiietly need more smart people like you around.

      • jimm6702 December 22, 2011 at 7:34 am #

        Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the article. Be on the lookout for our Project 50,000 announcement. We’re giving away 50,000 books in 2012!

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