How To Avoid The #1 Failure Disease In Business- Part 2

EXCUSITIS- The Failure Disease

Failure Disease #2- Intelligence Excusitis

failure diseaseIf you find this post and haven’t read Part 1, make sure you do.

This failure disease– Intelligence Excusitis is one that many people actually keep to themselves.  People don’t want to admit that they feel like “they lack brains” or they might not have the knowledge to build a big business or be successful in life.  Unfortunately, most people make two basic errors regarding intelligence; 1) We underestimate our own brain power, and 2) We overestimate the other person’s brain power.  Because of these errors many people sell themselves short and let this failure disease affect them.  They fail to take on challenges that could help expand their business.  They feel like they might not have enough knowledge of the products or enough knowledge to build the business to go out and share the program with others.  They will say things to grow this failure disease like “I’m not as smart as that particular leader in business.  Remember, what you lack in knowledge and skill you can make up for in activity.  Why is it that someone who can come right into a company with no knowledge of the industry or knowledge of the products can go out and Sponsor a person in their first 24 hours. It’s because they don’t buy into this failure disease of Intelligence Excusitis.  It’s not how much intelligence you have but how you use what you do have.  The thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you may have.

I remember reading a story on Henry Ford in the Chicago Tribune.  They were trying to prove that he was an “Ignoramus”.  The Tribune kept asking him all of these questions about history and Ford didn’t have a formal education so he didn’t know the answers.  However, he responded that he didn’t know the answers to those questions, but could find a man in five minutes that does.” The point being that you don’t have to know all the answers before going out and building your business.  If you are part of a great team and system then you don’t have to rely on your own intelligence and fear this failure disease.  All you have to do is plug into the system of your company.

There are three ways to cure Intelligence Excusitis and beat this failure disease!

1)    Never underestimate your own intelligence and never overestimate the intelligence of others. Don’t sell yourself short. Focus on your strengths and remember to use your Personal Business Coaches experience and get counsel from them and be in agreement on important decisions for your business.

2)    Remind yourself several times daily- “My attitudes are more important than my intelligence.”  Be positive and stay focused on the major things instead of the minor things.  Have a winning attitude!

3)    Remember that the ability to think is of much greater value than the ability to memorize facts.  Be creative, get better at your skills, and follow the system to collapse time frames.

Failure Disease #3- Age Excusitis

failure diseaseThis failure disease is commonly used by people that will say things like “I’m too old or I’m too young” in our business.  The younger generation says things like “All my friends are too young to have money for these products or the older generation will say I’m too old to start a business now or  it’s too risky at my age to start a business.  I want to remind people of two things.  The Young, Rich and Free Club is for anyone who hasn’t bought into a job mentality and believes that they don’t have to wait to be over 60 to retire.  Remember, the only people setting the retirement age are the people who are buying your time.  Don’t let your time be for sale, other people’s time might be for sale, but your time is not for sale and you can decide when you want to retire.  For the older generation, it’s never too late to get started on leaving a lasting legacy. Whether you are just getting started or approaching your golden years don’t feed this failure disease.

Think about these figures; Most people are productive from age 20 to 70 years of age.  That’s 50 years of productivity.  If you start out at age 40, that would still leave you with over 30 productive years.  Over 50% of your life is still ahead of you.  How about 30 years, you would have 50 productive years left or 80% and even if you are 50, you would have 20 productive years left or 40% left.

Three cures to beat the failure disease- Age Excusitis:

1) Look at your present age. Think “I’m still young, not “I’m already old.”  Think, I have the ability to be Young, Rich and Free while others my age will still be working while I’m playing on the beaches of the world.

2) Remember the real percentages of years you still have ahead of you.  Life is actually longer than most people think!

3) Invest future time in doing what you really want to do.  It’s only too late when you let your mind go negative and think it’s too late.

Stop thinking “I should have started years ago.” Your best years can be ahead of you.  That’s failure thinking and growing this failure disease. Remember you don’t have to be GREAT to get started.  You just have to start to become GREAT!

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