The Three C’s That Will Lead to Massive Failure

Practicing These Three C’s Will Lead to Massive Failure

massive failureThere are some very simple ways to avoid massive failure in your home based business.  Building a successful home based business is simple, just not easy.  What I mean by that is. it’s simple in that there are just a few skills you need to master and if you get good at them you can succeed.  However, it’s just not easy sometimes because we deal with people.  As you deal with more and more people you will realize that understanding people and learning how to develop relationships will help tremendously in your home business.  When you understand that principle it will help you avoid massive failure in your business.  Remember, there are really only two things you can control in your business- Your Attitude and Your Activity!

 Avoid Massive Failure By Avoiding These Three C’s

massive failure1) Complain= Massive Failure. Nothing you do can go right when you start to complain about your business to others. Massive failure is right around the corner because people don’t like to be around people who complain.  Issues should always go upline to your Success Team never down through your organization.  Top Leaders don’t want to hear about all of your problems.  I know that it might sound insensitive.  But, when all you do is complain about your health, marital, children, finances, whatever else you can find to complain about Top Leaders will start to distance themselves from you.

2) Criticize= Massive Failure.  When you start criticizing everything about your business, that is, the company, the products, customer service department, your Sponsor, your Upline Success Team, etc.  You have started down the path of massive failure for your business.  Being critical about every thing instead of focusing on revenue producing activity will not give you the results you are looking for but instead lead you to massive failure.

3) Condemn= Massive Failure.  When you condemn your actions and the actions of others repeatedly, it’s only a matter of time before it creeps into your mindset and affects your overall attitude towards yourself and others that you condemn.  Besides leading you to massive failure, when you condemn others it’s a great way to destroy long term relationships.  Stop condemning others and go into ACTION on the things you can control!


When you start to Complain, Criticize or Condemn more than you do Revenue Producing Activity it’s only a matter of time before you eventually will quit on your business.  For the most part you can avoid massive failure in your home based business if you will avoid these Three C’s.  Remember, find a Great Mentor and keep a positive attitude, be consistent, keep working on yourself, follow a proven Winning S.Y.S.T.E.M. and never, ever quit!

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