Managing Expectations When People Get Started

Managing People’s Expectations When They Get Started Can Save You Time

Leading People To Success Involves Managing Their Expectations

One of the things that bothers me about the Home Based Business or Network Marketing Industry is that we have people that promote our industry as “easy” or you can get “rich” over night.  I want to put these lies and myths to rest with this post.  If someone tells you that it’s easy, and that the money is just going to come rolling in with little effort then you need to run from them as fast as you can.  Setting these expectations is false and why people get upset about our industry. I would rather set the true expectations, and let people know what it takes to be successful.  Misleading and setting the wrong expectations can only upset people and start them off on the wrong path in their home based business.  Remember, many people put their dreams and hopes in this industry so let’s set the right expectations so they know what is coming.  I want to give you some tips to avoid setting up the wrong expectations when you enroll new business partners.

Managing Expectations

1) It’s Easy and the money will just roll in.  Wrong expectations! Your home based business is a true business that takes work and effort.  You can not expect to get rich in your first month, within 6 months or even a year.  However, what if you started part-time and were able to create a six-figure income over the next 2-5 years?  Now that’s more realistic and doable for the average person.  Now can some of us do it quicker? Yes, but not for the average person.  You will hear me talk about the average person because I believe that this industry can take an average person no matter their education, location, skill level and experience and if they find the right mentors they can achieve success in their home business.  So don’t tell people that it’s easy and they don’t have to do any work, you are setting the wrong expectations…please be truthful and tell them that it takes work, effort, sacrifice, commitment, etc. to become successful in our industry just like any other business venture.

2) Be here a year from now.  I like to set the expectations that you will have to give your home based business at least 1 year.  So many people quit way too early in our industry.  But as a society, we know it’s common place.  People quit on their marriages, family, their dreams and so much more.  Just know that you should work your business at least for one year consistently before even contemplating quitting or changing companies.

3) Be a product of the product.  You have to be a product of the product. Set the proper expectations that you should have your Autoship at the highest level, be taking the products or using the service.  In our company, I tell people that they should send out video emails every day to build relationships and familiarize themselves with the product.  It’s good for them to use the service and good for their business. If you are going to be a big business builder, then you have to be believe in your products or services.  The only way to truly believe in your company is to use/ consume the products every day!  Make sure to clearly communicate this to your new business partners!

4) Attending events.  Setting the expectations that you must attend weekly, regional and ALL National or Global Corporate events is important to their success.  Events build belief in the company, puts the new business partners in an environment to give social proof that other people are succeeding and winning plus the trainings will help collapse their learning curve.  Make sure to stress the importance of events to your new business partners.  It will grow their business faster and yours in return.

5) Building a List of Names.  Setting the expectations that you can build your business with a small list of names is another mistake.  I always tell people that they can start with a list of 20-25 names but ultimately you need to get your list of names to 200 or more people.  Today, I’m not going to do a post on where to find them but just know you need a big list if you are going to have enough contacts to go through the numbers. I’ll do my next post of Sources of People for your business.

Start Them Right So That They’ll Finish Right

Here are three questions that you should ask in the beginning so they know the proper expectations.

1) How much money would you like to make in the next 90 Days?

2) How much time can you honestly put into your business every week?

These two questions are some what connected in getting people properly started and setting the right expectations. If someone says they want to make $10,000 a month but they can only work 3-5 hours a week.  Then these are false expectations.  It’s your job as a Leader and Sponsor to tell them that if they want to make that kind of money, then there isn’t # of hours they can work every week, it’s that they just work until they get the job DONE.  If they can only work their business initially on a limited number of hours, then adjust their income accordingly.  Am I saying it can’t be done?  No, I’m just saying that it’s not realistic expectations to only work a few hours a week and expect to earn a substantial income for the average person.  The greater the effort= the greater the reward!

3) Are you coachable, teachable and trainable?  It’s can be very tough for people to start their own home based business and try to reinvent the wheel.  If you are with a good company, surrounded by good leadership and systems then you won’t have to reinvent things.  Don’t try to be a Maverick and think you can come in and know a new way to build the business. It just won’t work.  Follow your mentors and the system that is in place and it will get you to your goals even quicker!


Setting the proper expectations when people first join the home based business is important especially if you want to build a culture of trust and integrity.  Always remember, there will always be a price to pay for success.  There are no short cuts to the top, just that you can get there quicker if you have the right vehicle and you are the right person!  Here’s to your SUCCESS!

Jimmy Ezzell
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