Market Samurai vs Google Keyword Tool – Which is Better?

Market Samurai vs Google Keyword Tool

Market SamuraiIf you are just getting started with a website, or an experienced marketer that wants additional traffic and leads, you need to comprehend how the Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai can help you in your small business. Not doing keyword research before posting an article or video (if you want targeted traffic) is like flying from New York to Los Angeles with no flight plan or even a compass! It’s THAT important if you’re really serious about building your business over the internet. I wanted to create a quick Market Samurai Review to explain how it differs from the Google Keyword Tool. Both are wonderful tools, and Google Keyword Tool is free, but Market Samurai really helps you find out whether or not you have a chance to be competitive for the keyword phrases you’re targeting.

In this Market Samurai review, I’m going to illustrate to you how it works, and how to take advantage of the software program to dig up some high traffic, low competition keywords that you can dominate. If you’re used to using Google Keyword Tool to find out about competition for key words, or variations of keywords, you will understand that you can observe how many times someone searched for your keyword, except all you can see for competition is low, medium, or high. My question is…How low is low? How high is high? How you can you possibly verify whether or not you will rank well depending on such broad information that the Google Keyword Tool gives us? Now I love Google Keyword Tool don’t get me wrong, and I recommend using it because you will get traffic if you focus on low competition long tail keywords no matter what you do if your page has the right SEO components on it. But…

What if you knew Precisely how to get to the first page of Google dependent on links, domain name, and other determinable factors? This is where Market Samurai differs from Google Keyword Tool.

Let me offer you one tip when you are writing articles and ready to choose your key words. If you’re just starting out, by all means select a very specific “long tail” key phrase. For instance, if you’re a Realtor in Nashville TN, don’t decide on “realtor” as your keyword as you will have no chance to compete for that word. Even the term Nashville will be difficult for a period until you obtain more backlinks and credibility from Google (they matter big time as you will notice in my video for Market Samurai), so decide on a community of a key city if there are a lot of competitors there, or even a neighborhood works fine.

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When you start up Market Samurai you will find the following modules:

Keyword Research – Find additional related keyword phrases to your seed keyword and evaluate their traffic, Adwords value, competition, buying intent and more.
SEO Competition – Market Samurai will capture a look at the top 10 results for your keyword and show you how well they rank for a number of important SEO factors.
Rank Tracker – Insert your domains and keyword phrases, and Market Samurai will show you where your sites rank for each of your keywords over time on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Publish Content – Manage all your WordPress blogs in one place and publish your content to them easily
Find Content – Find content related to your keywords, which you can add to your website or blog.Promotion – Find Web 2.0 sites, blogs and forums that are related to your keyword where you can place your links on.
Monetization – Find products to promote on Clickbank, Amazon, CJ, and PayDotCom.
All the Market Samurai modules have their uses, but I mostly use the Keyword Research, SEO Competition and Rank Tracker modules almost every day. So let me go into further detail into how they work.

Market Samurai Keyword Research

When launching niche web sites, doing the appropriate keyword research is the key to success. You want to find keywords that get a lot of traffic, but don’t have so much competition that they are unfeasible to rank for. To start off with the keyword research module, you first need to enter in a seed keyword into Market Samurai. Hit the Generate Keywords button and Market Samurai will go out to Google and return you a list of relevant keywords to your seed keywords. You can filter this original list by a variety of criteria, like traffic, phrase length, and positive and negative keywords.

Next, you’ll want to drill down into each of these keywords by clicking the Analyze Keywords button. Market Samurai has a wealth of data it can look up for each keyword including traffic stats (SEO and Adwords) and various SEO competition factors. You can then filter these analyzed results by setting thresholds for any of the different factors to come up with a handful of great keywords to actually target.

Market Samurai Keyword Competition

Once you have established some good quality potential keywords, the next step is to analyze them with the SEO competition module. In here, Market Samurai will go out and look at the top ten search results for your keyword and illustrate to you in an easy to read table how these sites rate for a range of well known SEO factors. These include domain age, Google PR, number of backlinks and keyword in title and url counts. It’s really nice how Market Samurai color codes the various cells, so you can tell at a glance how tough it would be to rank for your keyword. Red means difficult, yellow is average, and green is easy. So if the SEO competition table is crammed with red cells, you recognize right away that ranking for this key phrase will be very challenging.

Market Samurai Rank Tracker

Once you’ve decided on the perfect keyword, and have developed a site around it, you will soon want to track how well your site is ranking for that keyword. This is where the Rank Tracker module comes in. Here you can enter in a list of domains, and after that a list of key words you want to track for that domain. Pick the search engines you want to check, and Market Samurai will go out to each one and tell you where your domain ranks for each keyword in your list. You’ll see the actual page url on your domain that is ranking, as well as its number of backlinks and page PR. The Rank Tracker will also keep track of your position and number of backlinks and you can pull up a nice looking graph to see how your site has improved over time.

Market Samurai Conclusion

One unique characteristic of Market Samurai is that it works on both Windows and Mac. This means I can use Market Samurai on all my computers to do my niche keyword research. I hope you can tell from my review that Market Samurai is a extremely powerful tool for affiliate marketers, and I only touched on the few modules I use on the whole. The software is actually capable of a whole lot more cool things as well.

Market Samurai Discount

Market Samurai usually can be obtained for a one time fee of $149 which is a great value for how frequently you are going to be relying on it. But did you know you can get a 35% Market Samurai discount just by downloading the free trial version first? The free trial is a great way to test out Market Samurai, and you can save $52 off the regular price after your trial is over. Download the trial immediately, use the Keyword Research module and start finding profitable keywords that will make you some money.

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