MLM Prospecting From Singapore- 3 Tips To Stand Out

3 Tips To Separate You From Everyone Else In Your MLM Prospecting

MLM Prospecting- Separate Yourself

Separate Yourself From the Pack

Greetings from Singapore. Just finished a fabulous breakfast at the M Hotel and met Daken. A real “Captain Phillips” whose about to head out and be the Captain of a big Cargo Ship. During our conversation at breakfast I really got to know some things about him. He’s a Captain, into health and fitness, lives in Canada and is on his way to New Zealand. He also shared with me about some real life pirate stories.  After I got into my room I realized some habits that I’ve created over the years that has really helped me in my MLM Prospecting.  When you genuinely want to connect with people. It’s easy to build rapport and find out about others. But what do you do after you connect with them, get their business card or personal information?  Today’s video could surprise you how simple it really is to separate yourself from everyone else. These tips are also excellent for when you attend events as well.

Here are my 3 Tips To Propel Your MLM Prospecting


So have you ever heard about these tips before? My question to you is this “If you were to practice these tips every time you met someone new, when you called them back do you think they would remember you?” Of course, because no one else makes that many connections with people when they meet them in the first 24-48 hours. So keep practicing these tips and watch how you not only appear a Professional but how you make a bigger impact in connecting with that person.

Famous Bull at the M Hotel

Famous Bull at the M Hotel


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