MLM Success- My Home Depot Story

MLM Success- 5 Things That Will Make You Fail

I was in Home Depot the other day and it reminded of my past and my Real Estate failures that I had.  I spend a lot of time in Home Depot getting materials for my work crews when we were cranking out our Rehab Construction business. I was thinking to myself that some of those lessons that I learned about ME helped me have MLM Success.   What I went through in that failure is something I wish wouldn’t have happened, however, it’s lessons that have helped me later in life become an Entrepreneur Success story.

MLM Success

MLM Success- Home Depot brings back memories

When I was in Real Estate we had quickly grown our Real Estate business by rehabing and flipping 30+ homes, having 24+ Rental Properties, starting a Duplex Subdivision, starting a Windows & Siding Division, starting a Flooring Division and even starting on some new construction as well. So while we were cranking along, it seemed as though the house of cards quickly went crashing down. We had a tornado hit one of our properties, we had a couple of arson fires, we hadn’t sold a property in over 6 months and we began robbing Peter to pay Paul. It was a tough experience that eventually led to filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. WOW! What an experience. But as I’ve learned throughout my adult life, many Entrepreneur Success stories are filled with many failures as well.  You’ll have some failures along your journey and you have to be able to stomach those lessons.

In your home based business, to have MLM Success you will also have many issues and obstacles that you will have to overcome. Many people will get started in their MLM business and will treat it like a hobby or won’t take it as serious as they should. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t have MLM Success is that they don’t have enough skin in the game. Many people can get started anywhere from $100-$1000 which is a lot less than starting a more traditional business. We started our Real Estate business with $100K in capital and a eventually had a $2 Million credit line. However, most people don’t have lots of capital to start a business with so when they start a MLM business at a much lower entry point, they don’t treat it like the real business that it can be.

Here are 5 Things That Can Distract You On Your Way to MLM Success

1) You Inc.

Sometimes we have to get ourselves out of the way to have MLM Success. Because of past thinking, mindsets and beliefs we can self sabotage our success. We let a lot of our past thinking and experiences affect what we can actually do in our business. There are so many things regarding our own mindsets and beliefs that you can literally do a whole seminar on just this topic alone: from limiting beliefs, to replaying past failures, to fear and so many others.  Know this, in order to have MLM Success you must have a “Growth Conscious” Mindset. You always want to be growing YOU. That’s why I love the industry because I have grown so much from Personal Development. The events that I’ve attended, the Success Mentors I’ve had, the books I’ve read and the the audios I’ve listened to – all of them have helped me along the way to have MLM Success. If your going to have MLM Success, you have to decide that investing in consistent Personal Growth must be part of your journey.

MLM Success

Our family in Cancun

2) Family

When sharing your opportunity with family, it can be heart wrenching when family members don’t believe in your or see what you see — especially when you are first getting started. You are at the highest excitement level and you have your closest family members telling you that it won’t work.

3) Friends

This too can be heart wrenching. Some of your closest friends will tell you “No” or that you are crazy for trying “one of those things” and “they’ve tried it too and didn’t have success” or “it’s one of those pyramid schemes”. Understand – eventually you just want to become a Decision Collector and collect “Yes’s” and “No’s” and not get too attached to what your family and friends say.  In your business and on your journey to have MLM Success you’ll start spending more time with your Mentors and Team and your environment and associations will change.  So if broke Uncle Bob tells you that it won’t work, don’t spend too much time listening to him.

4) Boss/Co-Workers

Many people will have a boss or co-workers that will shoot down your idea of wanting to be an Entrepreneur Success. They don’t truly want you to succeed because if you did, you would leave them and in some cases they would still be in that miserable work environment and you would be off enjoying freedom.  It’s like the “Crabs in the bucket” story. If you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, none of them will ever escape because if one tries to get out the other crabs pull it back down. This is how it can be with your Boss/Co-Workers.  Sometimes you’ll have to limit your time with people in your job. I know many people that went on to have MLM Success worked during their lunch hours so they could build their business.

5) Distractions

MLM Success- Don't Chase Two Rabbits

Don’t Chase Two Rabbits

Besides the first four there will be so many distractions on your journey to having MLM Success. Just be prepared for them. Know that they are coming. Everything from issues with your company, your Sponsor, people in your organization, lawsuits, declining sales and whole array of other things that could come up. Then you have things in your life that will distract you from doing enough activity so that you can have MLM Success like TV, being involved in too many other things, not being 100% committed and so much more. You have to make yourself aware that all of these distractions will lead you to failure. Staying focused in a world filled with distractions can be difficult. So train yourself, through finding the right Mentors and Personal Development, to stay away from the distractions so that you can focus enough to be an Entrepreneur Success story.

Here is my video of me going from Real Estate failure to having MLM Success


So if you’re going to have MLM Success, make sure that you are aware of these 5 things that can keep you from getting to the very top. There are even more than these five but these are some of the biggest ones. Always remember that you are on a journey. MLM Success is not a destination but a journey. When I was in Home Depot, it reminded me of my past failures, however, I’m glad that I never quit on pursuing my dreams and the lifestyle that I wanted for me and my family. Keep GROWING and resolve in your mind today that you will NEVER quit until you have MLM Success!

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