MLM Success Tips- What to expect in a Sponsor? From Singapore

MLM Success Tips- What are some REAL expectations you should have of your Sponsor?

What to expect from your Sponsor

What to expect from your Sponsor

I just got to Singapore late last night. I’m here for an event that should be a lot of fun. A short trip packed with meetings today and the event on Sunday. Today, I wanted to talk to you about some things I’ve learned over the years regarding your expectations of your Sponsor.  First let me clarify that regardless if you have a great Sponsor who supports you properly or one who quits your program while you are still building. I want you to know that you should still take responsibility for your success. The day you realize in this industry that your success depends on YOU is the day that you will start to move in the right direction. Once you make that decision, then you will be responsible to grow yourself into a Professional Network Marketer. You’ll take the time to learn the skills, to make events a priority, to master the fundamentals and to learn how to duplicate in your organization.

Here are 3 MLM Success Tips about your Sponsor


I hope that video helped you. So many people have the wrong expectations about their Sponsor. Remember, be the Sponsor that the people you bring in will want to work with. Ask yourself, would I Sponsor myself? I’m constantly learning and growing through this industry. Know that you won’t always get it right but if you just put the people you bring into your opportunity and your team’s best interests first, you’ll do just fine!

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