New and Better Habits= Bigger Business in 2012

Are You Seriously Thinking About Bringing Your 2011 Habits into 2012?

New Year= New Habits

Are you excited about 2012?  Are you excited about the potential of you growing personally or where your home  business can go this year?  Well, answer these questions first.  Did you achieve everything you wanted from your home business in 2011?  I personally know I didn’t.  I made some end of the year decisions that should propel our business even further.  Even though it was a good year, I don’t want to settle for just a good year.  I want 2012 to be a BANNER  year!  But, let’s get real. What habits are you bringing into 2012 that are good and that will move you and your business forward?  What are some habits that you need to change in order to have the best year ever?  I know in December as I set my business goals for the first 90 Days, my 6 month business goals, family, financial, health and spiritual goals that there were some habits that needed to be changed if I were going to hit my goals or success targets.  I know that I can’t bring the same habits, the same mindset, the same thinking into 2012 if I want to see myself grow, my organization grow, my family grow and especially if I want my bank account to grow.

6 Steps To Creating GREAT Habits

Step 1- What’s an area in your life or business that you would like to improve in?  Describe what that area is like currently.  Be VERY SPECIFIC!

Examples:  I’m 20 pounds overweight and I have shortness of breath.  Here’s another one- I find myself not having enough time to build my home business because I’m too busy.

Step 2- Write down the habits that have shaped your current conditions in this area of your life or business.  Be HONEST!

Examples:  I eat ice cream 4-5 times a week at 10:00pm.  I spend too much time watching T.V.

Step 3- Write down what you want.  What’s your compelling vision?  Be SPECIFIC!

Examples:  I want to lose 20 pounds and go from a size 36 to 32 inch waist.  I want to replace my current income before August 1st.

Step 4- Write down the habits that will get you your compelling vision.  What would you need to do differently each day to get what you want?

Examples: Stop eating ice cream late at night, cut back on the white bread and carbs.  I need to expose 3-5 people to my business every day.

Step 5- Find some buddies and make yourself accountable.

Example: Let them ask you every night how you did for the first 21 Days with your eating plan.  Let your Success Coach question whether or not you did your exposures for the day.  Be ACCOUNTABLE and have some buddies (buddy system) to be on the journey with.

Step 6- Create New Habits by doing a 21 Day Challenge.

It’s been proven that anyone can change a habit in 21 days.  So work within your buddy system for accountability and stick true to your new habits for 21 days.


There is no better time than NOW to change bad habits or improve on our good habits.  Whether it’s health, finances, relationships, business, spiritual or whatever other goals you have.  Our habits, whether good or bad will determine where we end up.  Remember, on this journey through life.  It’s not what we get, it’s who we become.  And along the way we can give even more because of who we have become!

Jimmy Ezzell
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