A New Years Resolution A Spider Monkey Could Keep

Many People Look Forward to the New Year For a New Start on Old Habits

New Year, New Start, New Habits

Are you ready for 2012?  I sure am! A New Year brings new challenges, new projects, new places to see, new friends and new people to help.  A New Year is great because I know so many people that wait until the first of the year to “change old habits” or have a different outlook on the New Year.  I personally don’t believe in setting a New Years Resolution.  Setting a New Years Resolution as most of us know doesnt work.  Depending on the study you read only about 20%-26% of the people actually keep their New Years Resolution.  So what’s the point?  I believe that WHENEVER you want to make a change, you just resolve to do it and start on the journey.  Don’t wait for the New Year to make a New Years Resolution.  Once you make a decision, you should stick to your decision then just manage your actions that support your decision.  Here are 5 Tips that have been proven to help increase your odds of achieving your goals.

1) Break your goal into smaller steps.

2) Reward yourself for the smaller steps towards your goals.

3) Tell your business partners and friends

4) Keep a diary of your success

5) Don’t beat yourself up if you have a temporary lapse

So my New Years Resolution again this year is this.  I’m not making one.  I just made a DECISION awhile back that whenever I needed to change a habit or improve in an area that I would decide then and not wait for a certain time of year to move forward.  Watch the video to see how the Spider Monkey fits into this post.  Don’t wait for the New Year to make a New Years Resolution.  Make changes and improve your situation now.  It’s NOW o’clock.  Make the decision NOW to have the best year ever. Remember, for things to change we must change.  For things to get better we must get better.  Happy New Year to all of you!

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New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution



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