Quit Selling and Start Collecting Decisions

Collecting Decisions Instead of Selling Will Help You

Collecting Decisions- Yes or No?

Attracting new Associates, Distributors or Customers is key to growing and maintaining a healthy home based business.  Getting lots of people to make the decisions to join your business is paramount to the longevity of your business.  It doesn’t matter whether you have an Internet business or a Network Marketing business getting people to make decisions to join you is key.  Many people struggle with prospecting or attraction marketing because a lot of it has to do with their mindset and their skills.

Prospecting Pitfalls

1) Your Mindset.  Collecting decisions starts with your Mindset.  Many people are afraid to talk to their family, friends, co-workers, etc. because they are afraid they may get rejected.  They pre-play in their mind “What if it fails?”  “What will they think of me?”  So they put up mental barriers and look for an easy way out.  Please listen…GET OVER IT!  This is where everyone should start.  This is the fastest way to grow your organization!  You should still approach them because if you believe in your product, service, company and what you are doing than your attitude should be one where you believe you are blessing them and not bothering them.

2) Stay Focused. Using Attraction Marketing, branding yourself, building a blog should come later or worked during non-productive hours because until you’ve experienced how to teach people how to prospect, contact, invite, follow up, and follow a system you will not be able to duplicate it in your organization.  Very few people in your organization will be able to put together a successful blog, attraction marketing campaigns, etc.  So you have to teach the fundamentals of building a Network Marketing organization.  If you teach people the fundamentals you will give them the skills they will need to succeed with their company and then they will be able to duplicate those skills throughout their organization.

2) Not enough activity.  You won’t be able to collect any decisions if you don’t do enough activity.  Because people are afraid to approach your “warm market”.  They spend more time “getting ready to get ready” or waste time trying to search for an easier path.  Their is no short cut to success in Network or Internet Marketing.  You have to pay the price.  Finding a Great Mentor can help and shorten your learning curve.  But you still have to do the activity and take ACTION.  The more activity and action you take the more decisions you will collect.

Remember, there are only two things you can control on your journey to building your home based business.  Your Activity and your Attitude!

Get Good at Collecting Decisions

1) Change you attitude– Go from trying to sell people into your  business to collecting decisions.  When you look at it like you are just collecting Yes’s and No’s then you don’t get so emotionally attached to the outcome.

2) Make it a game– See how many “No’s” you will get when collecting decisions.  As your skills improve you’ll be amazed at how many “Yes’s” you will get along the way.  Set out a goal to keep going until you collect 20 “No’s” for the week.  You’ll be surprised at your results.

3) Focus on the activity not the results.  Stay focused on your activity of collecting decisions and getting better at doing it.  The more you prospect, share the story every day, etc. the better you will get at collecting decisions.


I hope that you can make the mindset shift from trying to sell people into your business to collecting decisions.  Once you do, you will realize that the journey of success just got a little easier!

Jimmy Ezzell
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