Success Mindset- Go for No

With a Success Mindset the word “No” is your friend

I went to an event about 10 days ago and one of my friends went with me. Now he’s always had a Success Mindset, meaning he’s always wanted to have success in his business. But for whatever reason he’s never done the work or the activity to lead him to the results that he wanted.

Success Mindset

The red arrow is the guy I’m talking about in the video

Well that all changed after that event. His Mindset has changed. Let me give you some numbers he just shared with me. This is what he has done since he came back from that event:

92 Presentations

52 “No’s” (24 Not Now’s)

12 in the Follow Up Funnel

30 Viewed- No Answer Yet

This is the most activity I’ve ever seen from this guy.

Now there are 3 things I want you to take away from this video on Success Mindset


So I hope you can see how powerful events are. Three major things happened occurred after the event to help him with his Success Mindset.

Success Mindset- Go for No

Go for NO

1) His Attitude and Mindset changed. I know this guy personally and I know he’s been to a lot of events in his career. You never know what that one thing, that one nugget that could change someone’s life forever from attending an event.

2) Go for “NO”. When you set your goal to get NO’s. Then your posture and mindset changes quickly because you don’t get emotionally attached to the result. This is a great mindset change for new people in the industry. Stay focused on the activity instead of the results.

3) Gained the attention of his Success Team Mentors/ Sponsors. This is BIG! He now qualifies for my time. He’s got the activity going that he’s constantly in communication and counsel with me. Leaders should work where someone deserves their time, not where they are needed.

I hope this helped you out. If it did, please share with others. Change your mindset and play a game this week and see how many NO’s you can get. If you keep at it, you might start to hear even more “Ka-Ching Ka-Ching’s”.

Jimmy Ezzell
Skype: lmg2020

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