Who Do You Know In The Ukraine? Talk Fusion Leaders Coming Soon!

Talk Fusion Ukraine- Are you READY?

Talk Fusion Ukraine in MOMENTUM!

Talk Fusion UkraineHave you ever wondered if you were in the right place at the right time with the right opportunity?  Today you have found it! Talk Fusion Ukraine is there.  People with many different backgrounds are achieving levels of success that they have never achieved in a home based business. Talk Fusion Ukraine is one of the fastest growing countries in all of Talk Fusion.  What is Talk Fusion?  CLICK HERE to read a post about why Talk Fusion is the #1 Global Business Opportunity today.  With MOMENTUM occurring with Talk Fusion Ukraine you will not want to miss these upcoming events. In the Talk Fusion Ukraine and Russia markets we also have a growing Deaf Team. Deaf Team Leader Jim Beach, www.TalkFusionDeafTeam.com, is leading the charge!  If you know any Deaf people in these countries please contact Jim Beach at tfdeafteam@gmail.com.  Top Leaders from the United States and the United Kingdom will be the Ukraine to support the Talk Fusion Ukraine teams!

Mark your calendars Talk Fusion Ukraine!

Local Superstar Leader Pavel Vlasenko will be hosting two events:

March 15th & 16th, 2012

Business Center

Govtneva str. 66 Room 609

Poltava, Ukraine

Starts at 6:00pm

Talk Fusion UkraineContact Pavel Vlasenko

Skype: pllaura

Local #- +380951697512

I will be teaching and training at this event and supporting Talk Fusion Ukraine from March 14th through March 21st.  Pavel Vlasenko and I will be hosting the Talk Fusion Ukraine events in Poltava on March 15th & 16th and then going to Kiev for the Talk Fusion Ukraine event on March 20th with Grand Blue Diamonds Minh & Julie Ho and Diamond Svetlana Shodunke.  If you have any family, friends or business partners in the Ukraine, please have them contact me and I would love to share with them what we are doing with Talk Fusion Ukraine to change people’s lives.  Here is my bio:

Talk Fusion UkraineJimmy Ezzell is an Online Marketing Leader, Global Home Business Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Trainer.  He retired from Corporate America at age 33.  He has a passion for putting people first in his organization.  His business philosophy is to “Build People” first and the business will grow.  He is a Servant Leader who can be found in the trenches with his organization around the world.  He has built organizations into the tens of thousands around the world.  He has served on International Advisory Boards, won numerous awards, incentive trips, is an annual Six Figure Income Earner and selected as one of “2011 Top 100 Global Direct Selling Mentors” from Business from Home.  Jimmy travels the world as an International Speaker, Mentor, Teacher and Trainer giving hope to people through the Direct Sales Industry.


Talk Fusion Ukraine event on March 20th in Kiev

Hotel  “TOURIST”
House 2
R. Okipnoi St.,
Kiev,Ukraine, 02002

Starts at 10:30am

Special Guests:

Talk Fusion UkraineTalk Fusion Ukraine- Diamond Svetlana Shodunke is coming!

“I came into UK 15 years ago. I have 3 sons , my youngest is 10 years old and I am single mother. I am in Talk Fusion 13 months now and like it a lot.  My team is nearly 12 000 , 3 Triple Diamonds, 2 Double Diamonds, 3 Diamonds and many many 1-3 Stars.  I do believe that by end of this year my team will be 25,000 or more.  My dream is to buy a country house in the UK, with a huge garden where I can grow my own organic vegetables and plenty of roses. I know my dream will become the reality very soon with Talk Fusion.”


Talk Fusion Ukraine- Grand Blue Diamonds Minh & Julie Ho Talk Fusion are coming!

Talk Fusion Ukraine I’m proud to call Minh and Julie Friends.  Great Accomplishment and Leadership!

Minh and Julie Ho, Talk Fusion Blue Diamonds, are pictured to the left as the TOP 43rd Income Earners in the WORLD, in the Direct Selling industry.

Understand this…Everyone else listed before them and after them have taken YEARS to earn this type of annual income.  Minh and Julie made it in less than a year!

Minh and Julie were broke and the sheriff had put an eviction notice on their door ONE Year and half ago, look at them now.  They started with Talk Fusion in August of 2010 and now are the TOP Leaders in all of Talk Fusion.  They have made their mark in tens of thousands of lives around the world.  They will bring their passion and leadership to the Talk Fusion Ukraine team!

You should pass this around to everyone you know, anyone that says there isn’t any money in network marketing, the economy is stopping me, the government is holding us all back, etc. should look at this link below.  It doesn’t matter how bad things may ‘seem’ in the news, Minh & Julie have made their DREAMS come to true and you can too!

Talk Fusion UkraineIt’s simply: mindset, work ethic, and your ability to stop making excuses and taking action.

Congratulations to Minh & Julie Ho!

Talk Fusion Ukraine- get ready March Madness is coming!

Jimmy Ezzell
Skype: jimmyezzell
Email: jimmy@jimmyezzell.com

PS: I’m looking to train three people on how to create a substantial online income with just a computer and the internet, reply back if you are open or interested.



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