Let Uncle Sam Pay For Your Home Based Business

Tax Advantages of a Home Based Business

Tax Advantages of a Home Based Business

I want you to do an exercise with me…the next time you drive to work. For every 2 miles you drive I want you to roll down your window and throw out a dollar bill.  So just imagine yourself driving every 2 miles and dollar bill going out the window.  That’s just one deduction that you may not be getting by having a home based business.  Did you know that the average person who owns a home based business saves $3000-$6000 in tax savings every year?  Think about the miles you drive to work and the annual vacations you take.  Without owning a business, you virtually have no way of deducting any additional expenses from your gross income.  Don’t feel like you are cheating the Government there are legitimate tax advantages that everyone can and should have with a home based business.

Beside the tax advantages on your tax return, working a home based business is fun, you will meet lots of new and exciting people and it can provide an extra source of income.   Most home based businesses are less than $500 to start, and the tax deductions from one will far outweigh the cost of starting the business.   Find one that you enjoy, and work it part-time to supplement your income, but more importantly it will give you some tax advantages that can lower your tax bill.

Hot off the “IRS” Press! Get up to $5,000 back on the initial start up costs of a new home based business in 2012. That’s right let “Uncle Sam” help pay for the cost for you to start your home business this month. This is the best stimulus idea the government has ever come up! Click Here for a link that has a PDF file showing its backed by the IRS Code and Regulations. Click Here for some things to consider before starting a home based business.  The clock is ticking so get after it and get signed up this month in a home based business.

Ron Mueller Tax Savings for Your Home Based Business

Is there ANY reason that you would want to pay more than your fair share in taxes?

Me neither. There are, literally, thousands of dollars worth of 100% Legal deductions for home based businesses. Do you know what they are? It’s OK, most people don’t! That is why home business owners continually pay WAY more than they should in taxes. Read Dr. Ron Mueller’s book explaining these deductions and how to qualify for them titled, Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY! It is the ONLY plain English guide to home based business tax savings.

“Those who have a home based business NEED this information,
those who don’t have a home based business, need it EVEN MORE!”

 I cannot overemphasize how important it is for EVERY home business owner to have this information. All of us are bombarded every day with people/companies trying to get us to spend our money with them. The difference here is that if you follow Ron’s guidance, he is going to SAVE you money. No matter how much you spend on our services or products, you will end up saving multiple times the amount that you spent, guaranteed! The more knowledgeable you are about the tax law, the more money you save, that’s it.

 You Are Invited!

I will be hosting a live conference call with Dr. Ron Mueller so you can profit from the tax advantages that you can have with a Home Based Business.  It will be Tuesday, December 27th at 8:00pm CST.  Dial In: 218.862.1300/ Access Code: 132208.

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