Are you waiting for your ship to come in?

Still waiting for your ship to come in?

4 Things To Keep You From Waiting

We’re only  a couple days away from Christmas.  I don’t know about you, but it’s getting exciting around our house. Lots of kids coming over with energy and smiles.  Many of my friends and business partners celebrating a great year with an expectation of an even better year in 2012.  But how about for you?

Are you still waiting for your ship to arrive?  Resolve today that you will not wait for your ship to come in.  That you won’t let past circumstances, your health, other people, your education, your fears, or anything else stop you from living an abundant life and a life with PURPOSE!

Here are 4 things to make sure you are not waiting on your ship to arrive:

1) Make a DECISION!  You have to be real with yourself.  Are there areas in your life that need to be changed?  Your finances, your health, the people you spend time with.  I want you to look at your life the last five years, then think about today, then be HONEST with yourself and ask yourself if you don’t change things in the next five years will things get better.  Remember, for things to change we must change!

2) Seek Counsel.  Whatever area you are going to improve in or venture you start, find successful people that have done it and seek them out.  If you seek out the right people they can help collapse time frames by pointing you in the right direction or even giving you some of their time to coach and mentor you.  Over the years, I attribute some of my success and knowledge to people who have taken the time to mentor me or at least point me in the right direction.

3) Have a Plan.  I know you’ve heard this before- “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”  Setting goals, having a definiteness of purpose and having a plan will help you move towards your dreams and goals.  But success isn’t about luck or chance.  Yes, I do believe that we do get lucky sometimes with the right opportunities, but it’s because you’ve worked hard to put yourself in that position.  Layout what your goals and success targets will be for the first part of the year.  CLICK HERE for my post about Goal Setting in 2012.

Here is a great video from Art Williams…enjoy!

4) Just Do It!  Success doesn’t just show up at your door.  You have to go out and find it. You have to go out and create it. Take the initiative and create your own opportunities. Just Do It! Don’t take any excuses and don’t make any excuses why you won’t go after your dreams and goals. Just take MASSIVE ACTION!  Even if you fail miserably a few times, these are the times where you will learn and grow the most.  Don’t be afraid of failure.  There is no substitute for action backed up by a well-thought-out plan!

Swim Out To Your Ship

So there you have it! 4 Simple Things that are good reminders to help move us forward.  Don’t be like the person in the top picture waiting for his ship to come in.  Your ship may never come in.  Instead, grab a paddle board (the vehicle to get you there) and a life vest (some good friends to swim alongside you in your journey) and swim out to it…you’ll be glad you did!

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