MLM Tips- What Business Are You In? From Bangkok, Thailand

MLM Tips- People are People

MLM Tips- People Are People

What business are we really in?

Hello from Bangkok! I’ve been in Bangkok for a week now. We’re expanding our business all throughout Southeast Asia. We’re expanding our teams into Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.
This past week I’ve met some incredible people since I’ve been here. I’ve got some MLM Tips I want to share with all of you.

Do you know what kind of business we are really in.  Many people think it’s all about the product or the compensation plan, but the reality is most people will join a company because of YOU.   Some of MLM Tips for you are this:

1) Your #1 Resource is PEOPLE! There are an endless amount of people to talk to. So if we are in the People business. You better spend some time improving your skills on how to relate to people. How to build relationships. How to lead people. And how to manage people’s expectations.  Working on your people and communication skills will be some key factors to your long term success in this industry.

2) Geography Does Not Matter– It doesn’t matter where people live in this world. Yes, there are different cultures that you want to be learn about and respect. However, when it comes to building our business you are looking for people who want more out of life. No matter where I travel the world across many countries and continents people are people. Many have desires, dreams and goals for a better life. Our responsibility is to show them a better way. To help them find the answer through the MLM Industry.

MLM Tips- What business are you really in?


I hope this post helps you out and that you realize that working on your people and relationship skills will be very important to your MLM Success.  These MLM Tips will help you realize that when you are in a People Business you want to make sure that you are taking the time to understand and study people. Take the time to get to know your prospects and your team. Find out what makes them get excited about your opportunity or why they should work with you. The more you understand people the more success you will have in this industry!

MLM Tips- People Are People

View from the Marriott Rooftop in Bangkok

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