What People Are Saying

“Jimmy has a proven track record of recruiting top performers and leading them to new heights in their sales. He is a servant leaders who provides the example his teams need to be successful in life and business.”- Timothy Chin

“I have watched Jimmy Ezzell develop businesses and people for nearly four years now. I knew that after the first year that I wanted to work with him myself. Almost 2 years ago now I got the opportunity to work directly with him and it has been a blessing since. Jimmy is a man of integrity, compassion, and hard work. You won’t find many people out there that has a better work ethic and commitment to his team. It’s been an honor to be a founding member with his team, LMG2020, and see this team not only expand in the U.S. but also into many other countries. I look forward to many more years of working with him to develop leaders, entrepreneurs,and direct selling professionals.”- Jason Kelley

“Integrity! Working with Jimmy Ezzell has taken that word to a much higher level. Jimmy understands and applies the concept that success is a journey that requires the inclusion of many. I am honored to work with him, call him my friend and share his journey to the top.”- Dr. Stan Gross

“Jimmy Ezzell is a solid business leader. Dedicated to excellence and one of the most hard working individuals i have ever worked with. Jimmy is up late and up early to help others achieve. Glad to be a business partner and friend with Jimmy.”- Mindy Anderson

“Jimmy Ezzell is a visionary leader with a passionate desire to raise up leaders around the Globe. Partnering with Jimmy has spurred me to take my game to the next level and because of our collaboration, great things have been accomplished. Jimmy’s drive and work ethic set him apart from most leaders. He continually leads by example and has a relentless spirit to do whatever it takes to lead others to success. He’s a phenomenal trainer, speaker & coach, and working with him will without question add tremendous value & propel you to reach the level of success you desire!”- Traci Reuter

“I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Mr. Ezzell over the past 18 months. Mr. Ezzell is an experienced leader, driven to help people achieve their dreams. Mr. Ezzell has the ability to work with a diverse team, a remarkable calmness under pressure, and the skills for leading a team of professionals in a common goal. He also has the ability to build a strategy, implement and execute. I endorse Mr. Ezzell 100%!”- Toby Norton

“As a renowned and recognized leader in this industry, it has been a privilege to work with Jimmy. His focus is always on how he can help his team, going the extra mile, and leading by example! He works tirelessly, and my question is when does he actually sleep?”- Betsy Smith

“Jimmy is one of the best leaders I have ever had, and he is constantly striving to to bring value to the team. Jimmy’s training methods are the best in the industry. I learned more in a one day session of training than I had in the past 8 years in Network Marketing. Jimmy knows how to build a business and is willing to help anyone that wants to come along besides. His christian values, and ethics trickle down, to make us all want to strive to be the best we can.” – Tami Neal

“Jimmy has been responsive to team needs, has lead in team building through innovative ideas to move business forward and continues to be readily available through prompt response to requests from team members. He is fun to work with and always has a ready smile” Dr. Carolyn Walker, Ph.D

“I have known Jimmy for 3 years and have proudly been in his coaching group as well as the same company. He is not only someone you should get to know personally, but a leader with the upmost integrity and ethics. He really is a true servant leader. I definitely would not have been made it in this industry if it weren’t for his trainings and coachings. Definitely a good choice to partner with anything Jimmy does!” – Stephanie Person

“Having a gigantic heart and tremendous soul is what comes to mind when I think of Jimmy. As a top teacher and trainer in his industry, he takes time to nurture everyone on his team with loving kindness and honest guidance. It is an honor to be associated with him.”- Judy Feldhausen

“Jimmy Ezzell has been very important to my success as a distributor with Synergy Worldwide. I have been so very impressed with Jimmy’s concern, attentiveness to detail, responsiveness to my requests, accessibility to those who work with him, and follow through on requests and decisions that I now rely on him more than ever. This man is the epitome of the best things that are needed in the business world. I have also been fortunate to be allowed to call him my friend and mentor. Jimmy is caring and giving of himself when you need a sounding board. He is also able to give the nudge toward moving forward or the kick in your pants if you get stuck in applying your plans either personally or in business. One of the great honors in my life has been to get to know Jimmy Ezzell and also to be able to work with him. The things that I have learned from Jimmy are life lessons. They have been significant, useful, and ethically based. They are used daily and they have had a strongly positive effect in my life. It is my great pleasure to provide the highest recommendation of Jimmy Ezzell and to tell you that you can be assured of the greatest integrity, effort and success when working with him. Vincent J. Friedel, M. Ed., D. C. Educational Consultant and Distributor for Synergy Worldwide”- Dr. Vincent Friedel

“I wish I had the words to truly describe Jimmy. The words that are easy to mind are Mentor, Leader and overall great man. But I don’t feel that is even close to how I want to explain Jimmy. without a doubt I would say in all honesty Jimmy has made a great impact in my life through his tireless leadership and beyond no other has shown me the path to personal growth and has set the example of a true professional. I would be happy to follow Jimmy in any endeavor because his zeal is unmatched and his decision making is unparalleled. Yes I will endorse Jimmy and would encourage anyone looking to succeed too.”- Robert Carfield